Versatile building solutions that are eco-friendly, fireproof, waterproof, termite proof and labour-saving

Product range

Palmeco board

A dependable and versatile eco-friendly building board resistant to fire, water, termites, with great fastener strength. Non-toxic – safe for both builder and end user.

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Palmeco Geo-Insulator

Palmeco Geo-Insulator is an excellent thermal insulation alternative to rock wool, expanded pohstyrene (EPS), foamed ceramics and foamed cement.

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Palmeco Deco Panel

All the functional benefits of Palmeco board in a variety of stone and wood finishes. Designed to look great and reduce total installation costs.

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May 9, 2019

Palmeco wins gold awards at 47th International Inventions Exhibition

Following our Grand Prize win at the 1st Asian Inventions Exhibition, Palemeco was invited to the 47th International Invention Exhibition in Geneva.

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April 8, 2019

We are made official supplier for Philippine government housing

Palmeco has been recognised by the Philippine government as an official building supplier for the nation’s housing, renovation and rebuilding projects.

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December 7, 2018

Palmeco wins grand award at the 1st Asian Inventions Exhibition

Palmeco won the grand award in the first annual Asian Inventions Exhibition held in Hong Kong. The grand award is the highest prestige of prize to be won.

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Green building solutions since 2012

Green-tech innovations to combat climate change

At the heart of all our products is the Palmeco™ material which is made from a precise blend of recycled palm waste and magnesia – an abundant mineral. Our production process is almost carbon-neutral. We own and operate our own production facilities to ensure a consistently high quality product that’s easy on the environment, and completely safe for both builder and end user.

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