Building on big ideas

Palmeco was founded in 2011 upon a grand vision:
to combat climate change by changing efficiency in the construction industry.

Our founder, together with the R&D team, developed the Master Board, an innovative building material that’s better for the environment, better for businesses and better for people.

With continuous R&D, Palmeco now develops a range of innovative building materials that bring superior functional and functional advantages to just about any construction project you can think of.

Palmeco has delivered on construction projects in more than 16 countries. We have received innovation accolades for our efforts. And so the story continues…

Awards and accolades

Palmeco has been recognised for its contribution to making our world a better, greener place

Palmeco Geo-Panel and Geo-Insulator – Gold and Grand Award – 1st Asian Invention Exhibition

Palmeco Geo-Panel and Geo-Insulator – Gold Award – 47th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva

A continuous commitment to R&D

Our product design expresses Palmeco’s vision.

We strive to develop building products that address the needs of engineers, architects, surveyors and professionals in the construction industry. We anticipate international market trends and aspire to fulfil the wishes of workers, marketers and people globally.

We uphold stringent policies and monitoring systems to ensure every step of production is safeguarded. We ensure we observe local compliance working closely with our distributors.

Our production processes (including mixing, rolling and curing) are low energy. These processes use little water and no gas emissions. Our products use 90% less energy than cementitious building materials, significantly reducing carbon impact on the environment.

Making Palmeco products everywhere with a global supply chain

We welcome and support local manufacturing of Palmeco products when opportunities arise.

Through the Belt and Road Initiative, we look forward to connecting business partners in different parts of the world to share experiences, strengthen exchanges, and encourage learning between different communities.

Our story so far...