April 8 2019

We are made official supplier for Philippine government housing

Palmeco has been recognised by the Philippine government as an official building supplier for the nation’s housing, renovation and rebuilding projects. Palmeco received an AITECH certificate to validate this partnership.

The Philippine government intends to build socialized housing for eight million people over the next four years. At its current pace, only 150,000 are built per year. The Philippine government is partnering with Palmeco to realize its goal, constructing as many houses with a 25-50 sq m floor area as possible.

Palmeco’s Accreditation of Innovative Technologies for Housing (AITECH) certificate was awarded by the Housing and Urban Development Co-ordinating Council from the National Housing Authority of the Philippines.

The path to accreditation involved evaluation of Palmeco’s technical documents, track record, company profile, cost comparison, site inspection of past projects and analysis of its material advantages against existing construction methods.

“Palmeco is honoured to receive the accreditation. Few agencies were awarded such a prestigious certificate in 2019.” Said Mr Mark Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Palmeco Philippines Corporation