Walls come in all shapes, sizes and materials. But they commonly suffer the same problems – buckling, warping, weakening and degradation from exposure to the elements.

There’s a Palmeco product to match any type of wall you need. Robust exteriors and load-bearing structures can use Geo-Panels while our range of Decorative wall panels suit more refined interiors. No matter the product, your wall will breing superior performance and resistance from temperature extremes, water, sound, insects and more.


Floors take on a lot. They support heavy furniture and people’s movements. Over time, a floor can quickly lose its integrity against the pressure of its environment.

Palmeco products are ideal for flooring, including for underlays. Our boards are a resilient, protective solution that covers ground for your home, office or retail space.


Ceilings often suffer from wear and tear. Exposure to elements makes it worse for semi-enclosed ceilings and outdoor alcoves.

Building ceilings with Palmeco products ensures that your home’s structural integrity is well supported.

Fire-rated doors

Building regulations have stringent requirements for implementing doors. Considering fire safety and noise cancellation, it’s important to seek a material that can mitigate risks and improve occupants’ environments.

Our range of products are perfect for integrating into the types of door that suits your purpose.

Prefab Modular Homes

It’s easy to build structures from the ground up using Palmeco products for pre-fabricated SIP homes, offices and more.

Designed and produced at our factory, each piece is shipped to your building site and then can be erected by everyday labourers in a matter of hours. Our various systems, such as the Palmeco Geo-Panel Wall System, ensure a smooth, sustainable building project.

Wet Rooms

Rot, dampness and moisture control are difficult problems to combat when installing wet rooms in all kinds of climate. Besides ventilation, the type of materials chosen makes a big difference in the longevity and environmental health and safety of the room.

Choosing Palmeco product guarantees superior resistance to water, temperature control, insect infestation, and more.


It’s possible to conceive furniture using Palmeco products. Why settle for anything when you can craft furniture from sustainable, reliable materials that are built to last.

From cabinets to showpieces, shelving to signage, our products have the versatility to mould any furniture item you desire.