Material design with the functional benefits of the Master Board

Core-to-surface protection

Your panel stays robust and resilient to damage and long-lasting wear

Pre-finished printing

Designed at our studio, applied on-site with easy installation methods.

Enduring aesthetic

Enjoying enriching colours, patterns and styles that last a lifetime.

Explore the Palmeco® Decoratives range

Palmeco® Decoratives


Make your design dreams
come to life

The Palmeco DecoPanel is a pre-finished panel with high level of application durability.

With the Palmeco Master Board as its substrate core, the DecoPanel is a specially created decorative panel ideal for commercial and residential interior applications, for both dry and wet areas.

Available in a spectrum of colours for stone, marble and wood grain finishes at 6mm and 9mm thicknesses.

The panel is protected with layers of special coating to ensure greater colour sustainability and application durability.

Make your design
vision real

Palmeco’s design and technical teams use the latest digital printing technology to help create your vision.
Our haute couture service makes it easy for trendsetters to turn their plans into original designs. Why not visit our showroom or get in touch for a consultation.

Palmeco® Decoratives


The future of sustainable

Palmeco’s boards and panels are available to build into robust, stylish furniture. From kitchen cabinets to bespoke installation pieces, our design and technical teams can work with downstream partner to develop their unique furniture series.

Palmeco® Decoratives


The natural stone building board

Palmeco RealStone adds a layer of natural and constituted stone finish to a Palmeco Master Board for a natural aesthetic and easily applicable structure for your design requirements.

Palmeco® Decoratives


Inspiring a natural design

Our architectural panel uses unique chromatic UV printing and protective coating technologies for lustrous colour and a look that lasts.

Perfect for designers seeking a natural raw concrete aesthetic.