A high-performing insulated wall and wall
system that’s easy to work with,
for greener, quieter, safer buildings

Palmeco Wall and Palmeco Wallsystem utilise innovations in geopolymer green-tech, for thermal and acoustic insulation with fire and moisture resistance properties.

A1 fire rated, non-combustible – it’s possibly the greenest thermal insulation material available on the market. Palmeco Geo-Insulator is made using fly ash (an abundant byproduct of power plants), blended with palm fibre to produce an ultra lightweight thermal insulated board.


A1 class

Good sound

Environmental friendly
manufacturing process with
very low carbon emission

Palmeco Geo-Panel

An easy-to-install, eco-friendly thermal and acoustic insulated wall system, with category-leading fire and moisture resistance.

Palmeco Wallsystem

The Geo-Panel is available as complete wall-system that enables dramatic reductions in buildout times. Saving construction costs while improving the overall build quality.