Dependable production quality

Dependable quality and consistency of our products is paramount for our customers, and we achieve this by adhering to ISO 9002 and 14001 principles.

Stringent company policies and monitoring systems in place to safeguard every step of the production process.

By working closely with our distribution partners, we ensure local compliance is observed.

Our production processes include mixing, rolling and curing. The process uses very little water, does not pollute water, nor does it produce any gas emissions. Palmeco products uses 90% less energy compared to conventional cementitious building materials, significantly reducing the carbon impact on the environment.

In 2018, Palmeco Board was accredited by UKAS in accordance to ISO17065 and obtained Certificate of Compliance ( TBW0300310.1) issued by Civil Defense G.H.Q., Ministry of Interior, United Arab Emirates. Palmeco board and building system is CIDB approved IBS in Malaysia.